Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here is a Peruvian water sprinkler that our boys made for fun one afternoon while we were out of school. Arequipa is extremely dry, but warm enough for flowers to bloom all year if they're watered, so we see these all over the city in the public parks. At first I thought it was simply a great idea since they are much cheaper than a real sprinkler, but now I'm beginning to think that they have the added bonus of not being a big draw for thieves. Because they chain down trash cans around here!

Here is another common sight in town. These men go all over the city with megaphones hooked up to enormous speakers in their carts, and call for people to bring out and sell them anything that they don't want - electronics, clothes, school supplies, etc. They will pay a small price for these unwanted items, and will try to fix them if they're broken, and then resell them in the market.

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